About Us


a womens clothing line was inspired by a Mother-Daughter duo - Somaya Soeryadiredja founded ayaso Boutique out of her love for designing, and what started off as designing commissioned pieces for friends and family, soon took off as the duo embarked on the next chapter, creating on a larger scale. Drawing on Somaya’s entrepreneurial mind and her Mother’s creative eye, ayaso Boutique expanded its clientele in the UAE, Indonesia and the UK. A natural integration with Somaya having been born and raised in the UK with Indonesian roots, and having called Dubai home for the past 10 years.
With their online store quickly gaining worldwide exposure, ayaso Boutique’s designs of their Kimono Styled Garments have been ordered by clients from across the globe!
ayaso Boutique’s primary line #AsSheSmiled has a simple mantra; creating pieces that make a woman smile. The creation of every piece focuses on a finding that perfect blend of a signature high-fashion, aesthetic fabric in a classic and wearable design.

ayaso Boutique’s uniquely designed pieces are created with detail and attention but not forgetting the key element: the women wearing them. Each piece is designed with the consideration that it will be worn by women with incredible stories: Women who are strong and independent with stories of confidence and courage,
Somaya creates pieces that are a fusion of retro with modern and modest with a feminine flair.
ayaso Boutique caters to an international clientele from all walks of life with pieces designed to emphasize the best in a woman regardless of her background. It plays on her uniqueness and femininity.

"This is She...This is Her Moment...This is how She Reflects it" - ayaso Boutique