Message from the Founder

As a British-born Indonesian, I began my journey as a hijabi at the age of seven, in England's small city of Worcester. Growing up this was my first step to expressing to the world who I was and what I believed. My belief that I could achieve and do anything with the sentiment of ‘HasbunAllah wa ni'mal wakeel’ made me look beyond my youth and environment.

Whilst the earlier part of my hijabi journey was more focused on building my faith; there came a point where integrating into society and fashion became just as important for me to truly express myself. I found myself along with many hijabis and modest wearers struggling to find outfits that could capture the essence that we wanted to exude on a particular day. This situation made it clear that something needed to change. And it was something I wanted to contribute to and made sure wherever life took me, this goal would always be a part of my journey.

A personal journey of creating unique pieces for my wardrobe turned into a mission to share this newfound exploration of individuality with family, friends, strangers, and all those who share the same desire for more. And this became the root and humble beginnings of ayaso Boutique.

ayaso Boutique is the place I get the chance to turn feelings into statement pieces and help women embrace their individuality. I wanted to create a world where stripes could be worn with dots, because that was the kind of mood someone was in. Dressing is, after all, a form of expression – and it is not something that I dare define for any woman – but merely just to play a small part in many journeys is already fulfilling my goal to contribute positively.

Love and Light,

Somaya xx